May 21, 2006: The Eco-PARTY!'s Ceremonial Grand Launch!

Scott: Minister Thompson, Mayor Fiacco, VIPs, honoured guests, members of the media, family, friends, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, WELCOME to the official ceremonial grand launch of the Eco-PARTY!, featuring the Lite92FM Dragon Boat! In a few moments, our dignitaries will speak to you and in traditional format, we will christen the Lite92FM Dragon Boat. But first, we'd like to introduce ourselves.

My name is Scott Carson, partner of Storm Applied Technologies, and on behalf of my partner Brad Zakreski, we'd like to personally and sincerely thank you for joining us on this (albeit windy) beautiful long weekend afternoon.


Brad: Storm Applied Technologies recently celebrated our 2nd year anniversary on May 17th. We are "Creative Technology Consultants" who work with home, small, and medium business to provide enterprise level solutions at small business prices. Believing that relationships are the heart of successful business, we work with clients to completely integrate technology into their environment. Depend on Storm Applied Technologies to provide computer support, network construction, graphic design, and web development. We are your source for one-stop technology solutions and unlimited creativity. Today, we'd like to showcase our latest creative effort, the Eco-PARTY!

The Eco-PARTY! refers to all the activities that we plan to offer in Wascana Center. Now, what makes our party different is that it all begins on Wascana Lake, and uses the Lite92FM Dragon Boat. Our festivities include:

- General Public Tours on the weekends;

- Pirate Birthdays for kids;

- Custom Charter packages including "Paddle & Party" and "Survivor: Wascana"; and last but certainly not least,

- The "Fireworks Fantasy"

Scott: At this time, we'd like to call upon Minister Thompson to bring greetings from the province.

<Minister Thompson's speech>

Thank you, Minister Thompson. We now ask Mayor Fiacco to bring greetings from the city.

<Mayor Fiacco's speech>

Thank you, Mayor. Now speaking of thank you's , we would like to take the opportunity to acknowledge some helping hands along the way:


- Wascana Center

- Simon River Sports

- Regina Marine

- Accent Striping

- Wind on My Wings Sailing Club

- Peg's Kitchen

- Domino's Pizza

- Pita Pit

- Soul Soothers Massage

- Harvard Broadcasting

Brad: - Minister Thompson

- Mayor Fiacco

And most importantly, our friends and family who put up with endless late nights, delayed test launches, and our frantic schedules. To all of you, words cannot express our genuine gratitude for all your support. You are the inspiration and motivation for this project.

Now let's get the party started.

Scott: We are now going to proceed to the docks where we will christen the boat and awaken the dragon. Following that, we will be taking the VIPs and dignitaries on the inaugural tour. For all those interested, please stick around for a complimentary tour after the completion of the VIP tour. We invite everyone to enjoy a bottle of water for use on the boat or with our compliments.



<Awakening the Dragon>

Brad: Thank you once again for coming. Our first tour will take approximately one and a half hours. If you wish to participate in a free tour, please stick around. Otherwise, enjoy the rest of your long weekend!