Wilcox College of Notre-Dame

Maximum participants: 52

Sixty kilometers South West of Regina is the small community of Wilcox, home to one of Canada’s most reputable schools: the College of Notre Dame. Students travel from all over the world for the college’s formidable sports curricula, and most often become the world’s best athletes. The Wall of Fame is simply impressive, with names including Olympic athletes, hockey and football legends, and more. In the heart of the museum stands a vault protecting one of the largest rare books collections in North America, including a manuscript on animal skin dating back to the 13th century. Admire some of the most beautiful pastel portraits of influential Canadians produced by François de Grand-Maison. The Tower of God, erected by Père Athol Murray, unites the world’s great religions, not to mention displays some of the most stunning stained glass in the Prairies.

Experience College life, but most of all, discover one of Canada’s true gems.

What to bring

Windbreaker or warm sweater; comfortable walking shoes; your passion for books, arts, culture, and a holistic approach to education.


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