Moose Jaw Tour

Only sixty kilometers West of Regina is the City of Moose Jaw. After an incident in the late 1980's when a car fell through River Street, the residents of Moose Jaw came to embrace their shady past. The Roaring Twenties brought a measure of notoriety to the city with celebrities like Al Capone rumored to have stayed in downtown hotels. Getaway tunnels exist between many of the downtown buildings. 

The Tunnels of Moose Jaw demonstrate how the network of underground passages was used to smuggle liquor during the prohibition era. While the tunnels are generally associated with those heady days, they were most likely built decades earlier and were used by Chinese railroad workers avoiding the head tax imposed by the Canadian Government. 

Join Capone's men on the "Chicago Connection" Tunnel tour. Tour a classic collection of giant historical murals painted on the exterior walls of downtown buildings depicting the challenge and the excitement of the city's early years. Enjoy a walk along Main Street and discover the colorful boutique and gift shops. To complete this wonderful day trip, soak in the mineral waters of the Temple Gardens Mineral Spa before returning to Regina. 


*assumes both tunnel tours (Tunnels of Fortune and Tunnels of Adventure)



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