Lajord Hutterite Colony

Maximum participants: 104

Throughout the province of Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan live the Hutterites. The Hutterite people live in colonies belonging to the largest, oldest, and most successful communal society in the Western World. Named after Jakob Hutter, an Anabaptist leader who lived during the Protestant Reformation in 16th century Austria and Moravia, Hutterites are one of four surviving Anabaptist groups - the others are the Mennonites, the Amish, and the Brethren in Christ.

Contrary to the Amish, the Hutterite people have embraced technology to the finest degree for the well being of their community. Visit several buildings on the Colony; including theclassroom and chapel. Embrace their hospitality and willingness to open their lives to us and share their unique lifestyle, their knowledge, their faith in the health system, their love of the land, and their spirituality. Not only with you be guided by young Hutterite women, you will also have a wonderful conversation with them about their way of life. A home-cooked supper, prepared with Colony harvested food will be served in the communal dining room by the Hutterite women.

An unforgettable experience awaits you!

What to bring

Windbreaker or warm sweater and comfortable walking shoes, no open toes. There is a fair amount of walking as we go from building to building; it is comparable to a small village of 100 habitants. Bring your curiosity, sense of humour, and a willingness to open your eyes and heart to a different way of life.